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гидроизоляция проникающего действия - продукт года Беларуси

Dampproof compound with penetrating effect «Parad GS Penetrat»

Standard of RB 1543-2005

Parad GS Penetrat

Penetrating dampproof coating, that creats insoluble composites of crystals in the base of concrete

Composite of first-grade concretes, carefully matched filling agents and special penetrat-ing glacial adds.

Particular formula of dampproof compound provides with permeation of this material in the structure of the base through capillary system (so-called osmotic process), that leads to the total crystallization and closure of pores of the base and so to creation of protective dampproof bar-rier in the body of, for example, concrete structure.


  • effect of autogenous healing of cracks up to 0,4 mm wide;
  • penetration + protective coating. Depth of penetration in pores of concrete more than 15 sm;
  • concrete reserves Alimony and child support in Russia acquired qualities (increase of water resistance, enhancement of freeze-thaw durability, compressive and corrosion resistance)or all term of life;
  • execution of works of dampproofing is possible in case of humid conditions;
  • material is particularly efficient with negative water pressure;


chemical package of internal structure of concrete and, thereby, enhancement of grade of water resistance (from initial) and enhancement of freeze-thaw durability of concrete (from ini-tial);
deeply penetrates in concrete by pores and microcrack, ejects water and chocks them, and so concrete stays «breathful»;
in case of damage of treated concrete, dampproofing is not disturbed;
provides 100% dampproofing of building structure, constantly pressurized by water, even with application of the material on internal surface of external walls of underground con-structions;
preserves concrete from the influence of acids and alkali, industrial sewage, petro-chemicals, sea water, chlorides, sulphates and others
Creates impermeable barrier for calcium chloride, that is used as salt- defroster, that destroys even the most high-class concrete.;
Is used for vertical and horizontal surface


  • for internal and external dampproofing of horizontal and vertical surfaces made of con-crete, brick and stonework, blocks and precast panels from the influence of dampness (negative and positive pressure of underground water, capillary moisture and others)
  • for restoration of acequia;
  • for dampproofing of bunds and mines;
  • for dampproofing and defence of technological constructions of urbane water-diverting structures;
  • for protection of sewerage systems;
  • for dampproofing of pools, bowls for technical andportable water.

Period of guarantee 6 months from the date production.
Expenditure 0,8–1,2 kg /m2. Recommended thickness 1–1,5 mm.
Packing Paper bags with polyethylene loose leaf per 25 kg.

Technical characteristics

Designation of indicator Value of indicator
Maximal size of filling agent, mm 0,63
Dot of water resistance, not less W10
Dot of freeze-thaw durability, not less F200 (by the second base method)

Producer of material does not respond for irregular use of the material, application not according to its intended purpose, in other purposes and conditions, not provided by this instruction.

Dampproof water catching composition «GS Akva-stop»

Standard of RB 1543-2005


  • momentary chocks all the infiltrations or leakages of water (during 3 min), eliminating water flows even under high pressure.


  • for elimination of leakages in concrete and stone;
  • for urgent rehabilitation of cisterns for water, embeded constructions, water carriage;
  • for elimination of leakages under pressure and infiltrations in tunnels, sewer, cellars;
  • for prompt fastening of bolts, lines, handholds, plumbing and others.

Period of guarantee 6 months from the date production.
Expenditure 2,0–2,2 kg/dm3 of filled interstice
Packing Two-component. Plastic vessels per 10 kg and paper bags with polyethylene loose leaf per 25 kg.
Technical characteristics

Designation of indicator Value of indicator
Durability of adhesion with the base, МPа, not less 1,5
Dot of water resistance, not less W10
Dot of freeze-thaw durability, not less F200

Producer of material does not respond for irregular use of the material, application not according to its intended purpose, in other purposes and conditions, not provided by this instruction.

Waterproofing penetrating mixture (additive)  GS Penetrat Mix

Specifications BY 100926738.017-2011

GS Penetrat Mix — complex mineral additive for concrete mix to increase water resistance indicators.

Purpose: Additive GS Penetrat Mix is designed in order to receive waterproofing concrete in the phase of pour (manufacturing).

Characteristics: Introduction of additive GS Penetrat Mix reduces the total porosity of concrete, compacts its structure, improves water resistance and improves resistance of concrete to aggressive media, preventing the destruction of the cement stone as a result of the gas, watersalt and biological corrosion. Additive GS Penetrat Mix provides a particularly dense concrete, which has the brand of waterproof W12 and more.

Significant plus:

  • constant waterproofness within the thickness of concrete structures;
  • imposible to damage the waterproofing coating, because it is inside the concrete;
  • overall reduction of cost for waterproofing;
  • there is no risk of human error during constructing other types of waterproofing;
  • reduction of construction time.

Additive GS Penetrat Mix can be effectively applied to the concrete, working in aggressive environment.

It is allowed to apply the additive with concrete that has  contact with drinking water.

The use of additives GS Penetrat Mix (as the primary form of protection of concrete) eliminates additional waterproofing of structure after durability gain.

For the preparation of mortar and concrete mixes should be usedmixers with gravitational or forced mixing. Allowed to mix with slow-speed drill with a spiral nozzle.

Application in the plant of manufacturing of concrete products

Add the required amount of additive GS Penetrat Mix to a mixture of gravel and sand, then mix thoroughly for 3 minutes. Add cement and water. Obtained concrete mixture mix according to available technology.

Delivering concrete mixer to the object

Additive Penetrat Mix can be added directly to the mixer with a ready concrete mix in a construction site In this case additive should be introduced gradually pouring it into a rotating mixer. It is not allowed to pour all of the required quantity of additive at a time to avoid lumps and inhomogeneous distribution of the additive in concrete mixture in the mixer.

Preparation of concrete on the site of application

Place the required amount of additive GS Penetrat Mix to concrete mixer, add half of the required water and half of the required ballast stone .Mixing for 3 minutes. Then add the remaining quantity of water, ballast stone, sand and cement. Stir the mixture for 5 minutes.

Expenditure. The optimum amount of additive GS Penetrat Mix 1% by weight of cement. If the amount of cement in concrete is not known, than calculated expenditure of additive GS Penetrat Mix is 4 kg/m3 to obtain concrete with dot of water resistance W12.

For preparation of an aqueous solution of additive:

Mix the required amount of dry additive GS Penetrat Mix with water. The ratio of water to additive it should be: 1 part of water to 1.5 parts by weight of dry additive. Mix using a low speed electric drill with a special nozzle (mixer) for 1-2 min.

Application of painting and decoration materials

Additive GS Penetrat mix does not affect the chemical and physico-mechanical performance characteristics of finishing and decorative materials of organic and mineral origin, applied on the concrete, made with GS Penetrat Mix.

Safety measures

Working with the additive use personal protective equipment, that prevents the hit of the additive into the respiratory tract and skin. In the case of hit an additive in the eyes, flush them with water and if necessary, consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

Period of guarantee 6 months from the date production in a sealed container in a dry place.

Net mass 4 kg, 8 kg, 25 kg

Indicators of quality of concrete with the additive GS Penetrat Mix

Designation of indicator Value of indicator
Bulk density, kg/m3 900-1100
Dot of water resistance of concrete with the additive,not less W12
Increasing dot of water resistance of concrete, treated with composition, from the initial concrete dot W2, step, not less 5

Producer of material does not respond for irregular use of the material, application not according to its intended purpose, in other purposes and conditions, not provided by this instruction.

GS Penetrat Shov

Waterproofing mixture GS Penetrat Shov – is a seam waterproofing material, designed for elimination of droplet leaks and to prevent water filtration through the cracks, seams, joints, lead-in of communications, couplings and adjunctions.

It is a fast setting high strength (compressive strength after 24 hours no less than 20 MPa), unshrinkable waterproofing material, that contains a special cement, graded aggregates and active additions, that provides fast setting, rapid curing, unshrinking quality, high strength and water resistance.

Purpose:Waterproofing of cracks, seams, joints, couplings, adjunctions, lead-in of communications in a statically loaded prefabricated and monolithic concrete elements.

Characteristics: Differs workability, high strength, absence of shrinkage, has a high adhesion to concrete, metal, brick and stone.

Preparation of surface

Before applying waterproofing mixture GS Penetrat Shove the damaged surface should be cleaned till the solid base using sandblaster or with the help of high pressured water, remove any loose items, dust, dirt, stains of organic origin.

Unpick all visible cracks, with the thickness that exceeds 0.4 mm, to a depth of 1.9-2.5 cm. Seams between joints of structures (wall-wall, floor-wall, etc.), and the junction with metal should be unpicked with rectangular furrows of 25 ? 25 mm measuring.

After removal of dirt and drying the surface is recommended to undust it with compressed air.

Thoroughly saturate prepared surface with water to satiety at a rate of 5 l/m2. Remove excess water, if there is any, with the help of compressed air or rag. The surface before applying material should be moist but not wet.


The dry mixture GS Penetrat Shov poured into water and carefully stir til get a thick homogeneous plastic mass without lumps. Mix using low-speed electric mixer or a rotary hammer, electric drill with a special nozzle (mixer).

The ratio of dry mixture to water should be: 1 kg of dry mixture to 0.13-0.15 liters of water.


Works with GS Penetrat Shovarebothpossible during new construction and repair work on operated objects.

Using a palette knife or a screw mortar pump fill toothings, cracks, seams with solution GS Penetrat Shov.

The thickness of the deposited layer of solution GS Penetrat Shove at one time should not exceed 50 mm. When filling a deeper toothings solution should be applied in several stages.

After completing work of filling toothing or crack is necessary to provide special care for the applied material. For care use standard methods of care for the cement-materials.

It is necessary to moisten the surface after the repair material set and will not risk flushing material from the surface of concrete. Moistening with water during 3 days 2-3 times a day with consumption of water of 1-3 l/m2.

The application of waterproofing composition GS Penetrat is made no earlier than in 3 days after application of GS Penetrat Shov.

ATTENTION If there are pressure leaks use of the material GS Penetrat Akva Stop followed by application of GS Penetrat.

Precautionary measures

The product contains cement, so it may cause irritation to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Working with the material, use appropriate gloves, respirator, goggles.

Consumption of GS Penetrat Shov with toothing of 25 ? 25 mm is 1.4-1.5 kg/running meter. With an increase of section of toothing consumption of material modifies proportionally.

Period of guarantee 6 months from the date production.

Technical characteristics  of GS Penetrat Shov

Designation of indicator Value of indicator
Dot of freeze-thaw resistance, not less F300
Dot of water resistance, not less W8
Durability of  adhesion with concrete in 28 days, MPa, not less 1,0
Class of tensile strength with bend, not less С32/40

Producer of material does not respond for irregular use of the material, application not according to its intended purpose, in other purposes and conditions, not provided by this instruction.

Full information in PDF format

Гидроизоляционные материалы линейки Пенетрат

ГС Пенетрат

Гидроизоляционный материал глубокого проникновения, предназначенный для значительного увеличения водонепроницаемости и предотвращения капиллярного проникновения влаги через бетон.


ГС Пенетрат Шов

Шовный гидроизоляционный материал, предназначенный для гидроизоляции швов, устранения капельных течей и предотвращения фильтрации воды через трещины, стыки, вводы коммуникаций, сопряжения и примыкания.


Пронитрат Микс

Гидроизоляционная добавка в бетонную смесь для увеличения показателей бетона по водонепроницаемости, морозостойкости и прочности. Введение добавки возможно в условиях завода или в автомиксере на месте бетонирования.


ГС Пенетрат Эласт

Двухкомпонентный состав на основе цемента, минеральных наполнителей и полимера. Гибкое, водонепроницаемое покрытие, имеющее хорошую адгезию к практически любой минеральной поверхности.


ГС Пенетрат Гидро

Пропитывающий материал на основе фторсодержащих акрило-вых полимеров, обладающих гидро- и олеофобными свойствами.


ГС Пенетрат Аква Стоп

Водоостанавливающий гидроизоляционный материал, пред-назначенный для мгновенной остановки напорных фонтанирующих течей.


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